10 September 2011

Moose Jaw Minute #58: 365 Days (and then some)

Readers, it has been a full year since Dave and I sat at Montrose Beach with friends and I readied myself to say goodbye to Chicago -- the home I'd known for nine years.  A year since he and I packed up a U-Haul and drove the many miles and then kilometers across the border to get to my new home, Moose Jaw.  It has been a year of discovering the joys and drawbacks of small-town life, of making incredible new connections while maintaining old ones, a year of laughter and some tears, and mostly, a year of adventure - on the road and in life.  It has been an awesome year, one I wouldn't trade for the world and I am so happy to have taken this leap.

Fittingly, to close out my one-year anniversary in Canada, Dave and I hit the road again driving the seven hours west to do some camping and hiking in the Canadian Rockies.  We stayed the first night in Calgary and then headed into Canmore to take care of some errands and fill our bellies at the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company (YUM!).  Ultimately, we found ourselves lucking out with the most gorgeous campsite near the base of Ribbon Falls.  The hike in was brilliant (although we apparently just missed a bear when we rolled into camp), the camping community we joined up with in this backcountry spot was made up of great people that all wanted to have rich and interesting conversations, the stars were out in full force each night, and the scenery...well, just beautiful.  We hiked and talked and were rejuvenated by the great outdoors.  It was the perfect place to reflect on the past 365 days....check it out for yourself below.

Yummy flatbread from the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company...good hiking food!

Checking out the view of a former logging colony.

The gorgeous falls.  The mist coming off was welcome when hiking!

One of the many peaks surrounding the campsite area.

Along the trail.

Happy Camper!!!!

The water along the river that nestled next to the trail was unbelievably clear!  When it would cascade down into these small pools the blue and green colours were amazing!

Heading out...sad camper!

On the drive back to the Jaw, we killed more than our fair share of bugs.  Oog.

PS.  A very Happy Wedding Day to my friends Christin and Deb!  Best wishes to you both!!!