03 September 2013

A Month of Friendships

This past month has brought time with friends in far-flung places...from the Czech Republic to Denmark, from Moose Jaw to Canmore, Dave and I had time with good friends...friends that count as family in our world.

It's nice to know they are there.

In Prague, I had the chance to room with one of the people I am closest to.  She and I shared time walking and talking about our successes and fears.  We sat at cafes and delivered workshops together.  We explored and ate, cried and laughed.  Most importantly, we got to know one another even better than we did before.  Friendship reveals itself in the nooks and crannies of unexplored territories and while poring over maps when you try to find your way home (yes, both literally and figuratively).

In Denmark, we spent oodles of time with people we love across the pond.  Over dinners and by the ocean, we talked and caught up...it having been almost two years since we last saw one another.  We got to know each other better, sharing stories and histories in places Dave and I had never seen before and over meals that won't be repeated.  It was in Denmark I learned the power of friendship...the fact that those who truly love you will do whatever it takes to make your experience the best one possible.

In Canmore, our friends from Arizona greeted us with open arms during their vacation.  Again, after almost two years of not seeing them, it was time to reconnect and just love on each other a little bit.  We solved the world's problems over some brews while basking in the shadows of the mountains.  They were there to support me on my first mountain trail run with words of encouragement.  Once again, true friendship reveals itself in those who will give you a high-five and hug when you are sweaty and dusty from over six hours on the trail.

I am grateful for the people that have let us into their lives.