03 March 2013

Details on the Big Move Back

Original Crossing the Border...no U-Haul required this time around...

I'm going back...
Back to my new roots, back to home, back to my husband, back to the best place I've lived.

It does mean I am *officially this time...not for pretends* leaving the U.S.
I'll never say that I will never move back, but I am viewing this as my permanent transition up north.


Here's the low-down.

Dave and I have an awesome relationship.  Once that is based on mutual respect and cheerleading.  One of the most incredible things Dave has ever done for me is allowed me to take my dream job in the States a little after a year of being married and only just under a year of living together under the same roof.  He knew I needed this - in ways I didn't know I needed this - and we made the decision together that we could handle a long-distance marriage.  We don't have kids, the timing seemed right and we were coming off of dating long-distance...we knew the drill.

How hard could it be?

After living apart for a year and a half, Dave and I discovered that long-distance marriage is much different from long-distance dating.  Big decisions...life decisions...that involve a duo can't be made across Skype lines and in a marriage that consists of four-day intensive visits.  In fact, we have both agreed that our marriage, as fantastic as it is, hasn't been able to move forward as a result of the distance.

So, toward the end of last year, we began considering an alternative.  One that would get us closer to where we want to be as a couple, in our relationship and in our lives.  I had made the difficult decision that I was going to leave my position at the nonprofit I work for, cease the insane travel, take three months off of doing anything at all and just be in Moose Jaw.  I was going to move up and try to figure out what was going to be best for me and best for us.  That decision was made, and by November, I delivered the news to my boss that I would be leaving at the end of January 2013.  And that was that.

Ah, another saying to never use..."that was that."

Life presented my work team with a few challenges, and, as a result, I've ended up hanging out in the States and keeping things going long-distance status quo.  All that being said, a decision has been made and set that I will be returning to Moose Jaw at the end of this month...and that is a wonderful thing.

In addition, I will be keeping my position and working remotely.

So, right now for me it's a win-win.  I get to be with the man I love, keep the job I love, continue the travel I love and hopefully find some of the balance I've been missing over the past 18 months.

I'm packing up and coming back, Mac!

I'm sure he can't wait to see me...

Mac the Moose...standing guard at the entrace to Moose Jaw

From Big Sky to Skyscrapers

It's always a bit jarring to spend time in sleepy, big sky Saskatchewan and then come back to the skyscrapers and noise of the city.  Last weekend was no such exception.  

I had a lovely four days in Canada with Dave that included a walk around Wascana Park in Regina.  It was a quick trip, but the time together is always worth it.

02 March 2013

Happy Birthday, Dave!

That's right...that's my husband!

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man I know...my husband.

Dave is the yin to my yang.  He is kind, patient, funny, smart and talented.
I'm not quite sure how I managed to get so lucky.

Today is this fabulous man's birthday.
His Pisces meshes with my Scorpio.  
It's true.

I love his sense of adventure, his hopes and dreams for our future and how he interacts with those he loves and cares about.  He is a true gentleman in every sense of the word.

Happy Birthday, Dave!

I love you!

February's Top Picks

And, here are my February top picks!

This new fleece is so yummy...I never want to take it off.

Currently reading this book and re-reading this book.

New favourite tea in the morning.

I'm also drinking this everyday...let's get those greens in!

Was in Saratoga Springs, NY this month and had the chance to have a dark pint here.  My kind of place.

Inspiration for running post on iRunFar.

Favourite song on the radio here: