Bucket List

I've been inspired by a few blogs now that feature a Bucket List.  Well, here's mine...let's see how we do!

  1. Live in France
  2. Live in Spain
  3. Travel to Fiji
  4. Build an eco-friendly tiny home on the West Coast of Canada
  5. Own a vacation rental property 
  6. Own my own kayak
  7. Own a bike (borrowing one from friends for summer 2014!)
  8. Run an ultramarathon (on the books for October 2012!)
  9. Become a certified yoga instructor (on target for 2014!)
  10. Take another dance class (thank you Bali!)
  11. Get my pilot's license
  12. Hike and camp along the length of the West Coast Trail
  13. Hike and camp the length of the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand
  14. Hike Mount Kilimanjaro
  15. Visit Wales
  16. (re)Learn to speak French (in process)
  17. Climb to the top of Grizzly Peak in Alberta
  18. Conduct my own yoga retreat (on the books for 2015!)
  19. Hike Abbot's Pass in Alberta (completed July 2014!)
  20. Run the Squamish 50K
  21. Run the Leadville Silver Rush 50 Run

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