23 May 2011

Moose Jaw Minute #43: May Two-Four Weekend

This is a long weekend here in Moose Jaw.  Much like our Memorial Day kicks off the summer season with a BBQ, some friends, and finally -- for you fashionistas out there -- the ability to wear white shoes without being mocked, the May long weekend, or May Two-Four (a case of beer up here is called a two-four) weekend, does the same thing here up north.  People throw burgers on the grill, they break out maple-leaf decked paraphernalia, pop a firecracker or two, and get together with friends to celebrate the fact that they didn't have to work on a Monday.

Really, just a long weekend you ask?  No, not really.  Today is a hiatus from the daily grind to celebrate Victoria Day.  It is the day of Queen Victoria's birth and is the official Canadian sovereign birthday.  To show their enthusiasm for the day...banks are closed, schools are closed, the post office is closed...you get the gist.  It always falls on the Monday closest to or on May 24 and is always the Monday before the United States celebrates Memorial Day.  While it traditionally signals the beginning of summer and folks take the opportunity to get out of town and travel, this particular Victoria Day finds us under cloudy skies and rain pelting against the windows.  Who am I kidding...it's kind of been off and on like this all weekend!  Needless to say, the weather didn't stop me from getting together with two awesome friends of ours over the weekend to feast on veggie burgers, salad, and some zucchini we threw on their grill in the backyard.

Dave opted to spend his long weekend working on the road, taking a long cross country and getting some much-loved time in the air.  Next weekend, we hit the pavement with our running shoes to tackle the Marathon...thank goodness we have another long weekend to look forward to!

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