12 July 2011

Moose Jaw Minute #50: Top Five Things to See in Moose Jaw (supposedly)

Mac the Moose...standing guard over Moose Jaw
So, I spend some time marveling at the fact that I live in a place called Moose Jaw...in the province of Saskatchewan.  I mean, who knew that this U.S. Army brat would one day land a gig in the land of prairie dogs and living skies?  Not me...that's for sure.  I've traveled a lot in my 30-some years and while I may dish it out to the Jaw every now and then, I have to admit that there are some things around here that I would like to experience.

A colleague of mine at work recently sent me Fodor's five things listed about Moose Jaw.  Note:  only one of these is a "Fodor's Choice attraction" according to his guide.  Ironically, that one thing is really the only thing I don't have much interest in seeing, but I know I will eventually do that one day (most likely when I have company visiting from out of town).  What are these five magical experiences that Moose Jaw has to offer, you ask?  Well, here they are...in no particular order:

  1. Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort.  Yes, ladies and gentleman...this prairie town boasts a resort that is situated smack-dab in the middle of the city.  The resort invites you to indulge in their geo-thermal pools to relax and unwind after a day outside chasing the p-dogs around and hearing about Al Capone (see number 2).  Needless to say, I have yet to visit the resort, but I've heard it's quite the treat on those -50 winter days when you need to raise your body temperature back to normal and fight off the frostbite.  
  2. The Tunnels of Moose Jaw (the "choice attraction").  These tours are the big draw in town as Al Capone and his cronies are said to have done some bootlegging through these parts.  In addition to learning about the Chicago mobster's activities in Saskatchewan, you can also take a (what I think might be more interesting) tour about the Chinese Laundry operations that took place here.  The tour website does have some interesting historical facts on it, including how Moose Jaw got its name.
  3. Casino Moose Jaw.  Yup...situated cozily next to Temple Gardens, Moose Jaw has a casino.  I have no interest in gambling.  At all.  The end.
  4. The Saskatchewan Western Development Museum.  This IS the one thing I would really like to see while here in the Jaw.  It's in a low, non-descript building on the edge of town, but it supposedly has some really interesting information and displays.  Dave and I are saving that one for a super-cold day.  Once we visit, I'll be sure to update!
  5. Moose Jaw Trolley Company.  I've seen one trolley rolling through town.  Mostly in the summer...well, cause who wants to ride a trolley in the winter?  Anyhow, on the weekends the company hosts a ghost tour through town.  I haven't seen any ghosts yet and I've been here almost a year.  Maybe they wait to come out for the trolley.  Hm.
So, needless to say, these are Fodor's choices of things to do in Moose Jaw.  Personally,  I have my own top five and I'll be sure to share those with you in my next post.

Until next time...

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