09 February 2012


Bonjour! When I was in high school, I took French lessons. We lived only an hour away from the French border and would visit often enough that I became relatively good at speaking the language without sounding utterly pathetic. Fast forward some years later...I no longer live near the French border, but DO live - at least part time these days - in a country that is officially bi-lingual with English and French both spoken across the country.

Recently, I've found myself longing for the days of speaking a second language.  And so, last night, I found myself in the awesome space of Chicago's Alliance Française.  A wonderful bastion of French culture throughout the world...right in the heart of Chicago.

Last night they had an open house.  I invited my awesome friend, Sarah, to come along...knowing she would be the perfect companion on my trip back down language memory lane.  The Alliance shared a quick introduction with us and then we were treated to a half hour basic French lesson.  It was fun to see everyone in the room trying it out and even more fun listening to Sarah repeat a sentence in English with a French accent.  The night continued with French bread, grapes, cheese, wine and a chance to try our hands a making crepes!  We toured the Alliance's library and médiathèque and overall had an awesome evening together!

We have plans to go back for more of their events and I am thinking about taking French lessons again.  I would love to be in a classroom and channel my inner francophile while wishing I was Amelie and having style like this (which I so, so don't).  Ahem.  While that is all true, the main reasons are that I love the language and that it just makes sense.  I SHOULD know how to speak both languages if I am going to fully embrace my home in Canada.  

Also, don't you have to sing the Canadian national anthem in French for the citizenship test?  Eep.  Maybe I should get voice lessons instead!

Colours of France


Perfecting the crepe flip

Beautiful Sarah enjoying the crepe and jam!

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