05 September 2012

Working From Home...

When I'm in the Jaw, I have the lovely pleasure of working from home.  In fact, I think I work harder and get more accomplished from Canada than I do when I'm in the office - chalk that up to less meetings and more time to put my thinking hat on!

However, it can get a little lonely when you are working on your own.

Say hello to Wilson!

A colleague of mine was kind enough to send me Wilson when I first moved up to the Jaw.  He figured I could use some company from an office-mate that kept their opinions to a minimum.  Wilson is great company, but I think he takes way too many snooze breaks.

 Look at him all cozied up in the blanket!

Do you remember Wilson...from the movie Cast Away?

Yup...that's me and Wilson...erm, minus the crazy hair and arguments where I throw him off a cliff and I don't talk to him...and so...yeah...it's nothing like the movie.

In all seriousness, I am very grateful for the fact that I can work from home in order to get some much-needed time in with the husband.  I have a great job and a fantastic space from which to work...it even features a desk that the Mr. made for me when I first arrived up north!

It's my little working haven where I can sip a cup of tea, watch the weather change outside and crank out some serious hours on the computer!

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