04 July 2013

An Expat 4th of July

Living as an expat gives you a different view of holidays, festivals and other such events.  
Today being one of those days.

Canada celebrated it's independence with Canada Day on Monday.  People had the day off, there were fireworks and barbecues and generally Canada-i-ness going around.  While others enjoyed their day off, I was working from home (I still work for a U.S. nonprofit) and pondered what I would do with my day off when it came time for Thursday to roll around.

So, while others are working, I get to lounge - although my version of lounging consists of two yoga classes, a long run in the morning and making lists of things I need to do in the future!  It's been a lovely day off so far and to celebrate my home country's Americana goodness...

well, I'll have Jimi do the talking.

Happy 4th of July!

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