07 August 2013

Pics from Praha

Friends.  I've been in Prague since last Friday for work.

I know.  My job is tough.

Last Thursday I hopped a flight from Regina to Calgary, Calgary to Frankfurt and then Frankfurt to Prague.  It sounds like a lot of flying, but in reality, I spent more time in the airports due to long layovers than on planes.  Luckily, because I travel so much, I have status on an airline and that gets me into lounges wherever I fly (that means free food and quiet spaces to catch up on work while I'm on the road). 

Like I said, I know...it's tough.

So, however many time zone changes later, I got to Prague late Friday afternoon and walked out to meet one of my closest friends, Sarah, at the arrivals terminal.  Sarah and I are delivering some trainings together in Prague and I am so happy to be here with her.  We've walked and walked and talked and walked some more.  We've sat at cafes and endured the unbearable heat and monster storms that have shrouded the city over the past week.  We've had amazing food and enjoyed learning more about this city (we've both been here before and are both committed to taking a much more relaxed approach to our visit).

We are staying in an amazing apartment in the Old Jewish Quarter which helps us save money on food.  VRBO, baby!  Make it happen when you travel!  

In short, it's been a great week.  I'll write more later.

Here are some of my favorite stops and events so far...

Running along the Vltava River
Pivo (beer) that is cheaper than water
Good friends coming over for a pasta dinner
Karluv Most (Charles Bridge) - so lovely!
Kampa Park 

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