23 November 2014

A Little Love Note from Bali

'Tis the season for tinsel, mashed potatoes, hot chocolate and...

young coconuts, tank tops and flip-flops.

I'm back in Bali!  While I am sorely and deeply missing the snow and cold of Winnipeg (seriously, I'm not kidding), it is a certain kind of wonderful to not be freezing constantly and having to wear five layers all day (and that is while I am in the house).  

I am living in Ubud for another month while I assist on a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with the School of Sacred Arts.  It is a fantastic gig and so great to be back in this town, diving back into my old haunts and reconnecting with this beautiful and mystical island.  I've already been here two weeks and I have two more to go...

The days are full with asana (physical yoga practices), lectures, coordination of students and supplies and meditation.  I am so fortunate to be connected to his yoga community and am looking forward to remaining invested and involved.  I'm a lucky gal!

My hearts go out to those in New York who are sitting under all the snow...I am sending warmer vibes (minus the flooding) your way.

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