01 September 2010

Moose Jaw Minute #1: Toe in the Water

So, as you know, I am in Moose Jaw for the week...going to try the working from home thing and see how it goes.  I landed here on Friday and was lucky enough to snag some time with immigration as I checked through customs. We were able to secure my Visitor Record (or VR) which allows me to stay in country for a year and pass through the border with a little more ease. It comes with restrictions -- I cannot work, or vote, or claim Canadian citizenship, or eat Canadian bacon, or drape myself in the Maple Leaf flag -- all that being said, however, it will make it easier for Dave and I to bring my items across the border in August when we cross over in North Portal. We won't have to take the time to secure the VR at that time.

As most of you know, we have already started the immigration process. We started the submission of materials on June 24 and as of right now, the immigration office in Mississauga is at June 4 applications, so we are moving up the queue! We now have to focus on other paperwork -- the B4 -- in order to get my personal artifacts across the border. It means assigning value to all of my goods. Um, socks for $1.50 anyone? Not only that, but the goods have to be submitted with value in Canadian Dollars. So, a looney for my socks anyone? *sigh*

Dave and I went camping yesterday and returned today. We traveled to a spot on Lake Diefenbaker. We picked up a canoe, stocked up on some food and camping gear and headed out. The drive through the fields was gorgeous and I made Dave pull over to take some photos of the gorgeous scenery. The night was clear and cool and after a dinner of soup over the fire, we watched the Milky Way come out, listened to the coyotes in the distance, and counted 14 satellites and about five shooting stars. Perfect.

We are now back in town at a coffee shop while I catch up on email and Dave studies for his nav trip. We have lots of errands to run this week -- the bank, signing me up at the gym, getting me the book to study for my driver's exam. I am also trying to get more familiar with my surroundings and have plans to go for some runs, and will drive around town to get my bearings (ps. I will take driving in Chicago any day over driving in this town!). The weather is perfect this week with nary a snowflake in sight...guess I can put the winter parka away!!!

I hope all of you are having a fantastic weekend and I'll chat with you soon...stay tuned for more Moose Jaw Minutes as the days go on and the move looms closer.

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