01 September 2010

Moose Jaw Minute #3: Chicago Bound

Back from home, home on the range....

*Disclaimer: I have talked a lot of smack about Moose Jaw in the past few months. Why? Well, my husband does a good job of it as well, I read a lot of stuff on the interweb, and well, who can resist making fun of and talking smack about a place called Moose Jaw??? So, lessons learned = don't believe everything you read and February is not an indicator of what the Jaw can be...

On that note...
I love Moose Jaw...I really do.

Now that I have been back in Chicago for more than 24 hours, some things to know...

1. We did not HAVE to walk the two hours across town to the grocery. We just chose to. In fact, there are at least three groceries in town: the Superstore, Sobey's, and Safeway. Why they all start with an "s" is beyond me. I may open a Jewel just to mess with people's heads.

2. There is a Starbucks in the Safeway so I can get my Via fix.

3. I love running in the Jaw under that big, BIG sky. It's a little suffocating at first (all that sky) but really nice once I got used to it!

4. There are more prairie dogs than people.

5. Prairie dogs make weird chirping noises.

6. They are not the smartest animals on the planet and seem to have perfected the art of running under car tires while in motion. I think they love this.

7. I am amazed at technology! Yay for no connectivity issues while working from Canada!

8. On that note...I'm not gonna lie...the commute in Moose Jaw beats the Red Line any day.

9. I am really going to miss Chicago. The lights, the noise, the convenience of 24 hour pharmacies, the idiosyncracies, the people who yell randomly at no one in particular and for no good reason, the idea of belonging someplace bigger than me, my friends.

10. I am pretty pumped that my husband and I get to live together. No lie. I think he is fantastic and I'm excited to start our married life together under one roof.

Dave and I hope some of you can make the trip up at some point over the next 2-3 years. After that, who knows where we will end up! That's all from the Minute for now...stay tuned for more in September.

Cheers (with a prairie dog squeak on the side)!

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