26 February 2011

Moose Jaw Minute #28: A Quick Update

I have to say, returning to Moose Jaw after being in the warm sunshine of Atlanta has made me tired of winter.  I had been handling the cold temperatures well until Friday when I saw that the wind chill was once again in the -30s (both F and C).

Because it has been so cold outside, Dave and I started our series of long runs on the treadmill and there is nothing like pounding out ten, twelve, or fourteen miles on a looping belt to make you feel as though you might be looping a bit in your head as well!  Needless to say, Dave and I are officially registered for the Saskatchewan Marathon in May and are excited and hopeful for a warming trend from Mother Nature so we can get back out on the trails and soak in some vitamin D.  The training is going well and we are excited to cross the finish line together in Saskatoon.

This evening promises to be a grand one with a Febtoberfest in the works.  Friends, brats, sauerkraut, lentil stew, and a yummy potato bake are all in the process of being made as I take this quick break to pound this out.  Back to the kitchen with me...more later!

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