28 March 2011

Moose Jaw Minute #33: Chicago vs. the Hotel Room

From Moose Jaw to Chicago to Seattle to Moose Jaw to Calgary to Moose Jaw and then to Chicago again.  I am currently back in the windy city for work...criss-crossing the busy streets, watching the setting sun's rays glint off tall buildings, and well, to be honest...fighting the most awful flu.  I usually ache for my time in the city...to splurge in the business, revel in the clackety-clack of the El on its tracks, and bury myself nose-deep in all the food and friends I can possibly get my hands on.  Instead, I am shuffling between work and my hotel furiously chomping on Ricola, digging for tissues, and hoping beyond all hope that I will feel better in the morning.  There is nothing more frustrating to me than being sick...I have very little patience for it, especially when I am traveling.  Lucky for me, this trip back to Chicago is one of many...I was just here a couple of  weeks ago and it will be only a week and a half until my next return. 

So, for now, while the city beckons and entices with its glittering lights and many shops and restaurants, my bed is beckoning louder...

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