01 March 2012

Balance: $0.00

One of the things I haven't shared on this blog is the journey Dave and I are on to become debt free.  Well, I wanted to share that we took our first HUGE step on that path last night and I can officially declare that we are credit card debt free!

I think whenever folks decide that they want to take charge of their financial future, it's an awesome thing.  Dave and I have pretty massive dreams for ourselves and getting our finances in order is a big part of making them a reality.  

We each walked into this relationship with debt and we were both able to sit down, talk honestly about it, work on budgets (almost...every...single...night people!), and set goals for ourselves.  We have a debt thermometer that hung on the side of the fridge so we could visually track our progress and have a daily reminder of our goal and created an interesting way to reward ourselves along the way.  

We managed to pay off a lot of debt in just a year and a half.  It was hard work, but as of last night - with me looking on virtually - we were able to press the button that allowed us see the thing that we've been waiting for:

BALANCE:  $0.00

We aren't done yet, but we are well on our way to now saving for the future as opposed to dealing with our past.

And friends...that's a GREAT feeling...

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