16 March 2012

Heading Home

Ok folks...it's been a while since I've seen my better half.  So I'm making the trek to the wintry north baking-in-absurdly-bizarre-springlike-weather north and am going to enjoy some time with Dave.

I have to say that a long-distance marriage is much tougher than I ever thought it would be.

Dave and I dated long-distance and even were married across the miles for the first few months following our wedding, but it's taken on a whole new dimension now.

Conversations that used to start while we were cooking dinner together and would linger into the evening don't take place and are confined to the square of the Skype window (I'm not hating on you, Skype.  Ya know I love you).  Dinners are prepared and devoured separately and our weekends can't be spent together on walking trails hand-in-hand.

While it's tough, Dave and I can get handle it.  I figure that navigating long-distance relationships is like navigating an obstacle course at time.  You've got to deal with barriers, walls to scale, tightropes to tiptoe across, mud pits to crawl through and ladders to climb.  All of this applies when you are together as well, it's just I sometimes think it can be a little easier when you've got the other person by your side.

At any rate...we will be side-by-side again soon and I am so grateful for that time together.

Look out Saskatchewan...Heather's on her way home!

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