30 May 2012

Vacation: Part Three - Doc Holliday and Boulder

Building with tiles in Carbondale.
Tile...are you ready for your close up???
Following Leadville and Carbondale we were NOT ready to head out of town...that being said, if we were going to be leaving for another destination...Boulder was the best place we could go.

We started the drive out by immediately making a stop.  
In Glenwood Springs (just north of Carbondale).
To see Doc Holliday's resting place.
I was jazzed.
Not in a creepy way.
More in a...this-is-a-really-cool-part-of-history way.

I mean, c'mon...supposedly his last words were:  "Damn, this is funny."

You can't make that stuff up.

We literally stumbled upon it by accident when we were first driving through town on our way to Carbondale a few days ago.  I needed a bio break and as we cruised up and down some side streets to find a place for me to go, I saw a sign indicating Doc Holliday's grave site.

The memorial to Doc (that's right...we're on a first name basis) sits in the Pioneer Cemetery.  You hike up this little dusty trail to this old, old graveyard.  It was so interesting wandering around, seeing the names and wondering what their lives were like.  The memorial itself is a regular tombstone, but then folks have scattered playing cards, cash and liquor bottles everyone in tribute to the man himself.

Memorial for Doc.
Once Dave had enough of hearing me talk about what a great job Val Kilmer did as Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone, we headed back down the hill and got on our way to Boulder passing through the amazing scenery once again.

We checked into our hotel and then went out to explore Pearl Street.  We hopped from one pub to the next, sampling local brews and great food along the way.  We stopped in a Aji for a glass of vino and a really interesting vegetable plate.  There were sweet potato chips with guacamole at West End Tavern with some amazing dark, dark beers that looked like liquid night.  Along the way we stopped in at the Ku Cha House of Tea to marvel at the different types and varieties of tea and ogle the delicate pots and cups that lined the shelves.  There were really cool finds in this shop that featured select goods from all over Europe.  It was amazing and lovely and oh-so-perfect for a night out.

Weird Interesting vegetable plate.
It really doesn't get any better. 
We even ended up meeting a couple where the fella was from Canada (Ontario to be more precise) and the gal was from Florida.  They were super-awesome and we ended up hanging out with them for the remainder of the evening.  Needless to say, the night ended with Dave and I downing vegan burritos at Illegal Pete's.  Just the way a great evening should.

The next morning, we lounged in bed for a good portion of the day and then made our way over to the Boulder Farmer's Market.  Oh...my...goodness.  Stalls with fresh breads, the freshest greens you've ever seen, locally roasted coffee, cheese, flowers...you name it, they had it.  The Market is near the Boulder Dushnabe Tea House which is an unbelievable sight.  We walked up to the counter that was crowded and managed to nose our way in to place our orders.The walls and ceiling were ornate, the atmosphere was buzzing and they serve up one of the best soy chai teas I've ever tasted.  

Once we left the Tea House, we were ready to eat.  One of the better parts of the Market is their food carts.  Dave and I settled on some veggie potstickers from Saigon Sisters and we were ready to go.  There was a band churning out reggae tunes, little kids and big kids dancing nearby as we dug into the goodness.  They potstickers were incredible!

We needed to get out for a bit following the Market, so we took a short drive into the mountains that surround Boulder, marveling at some of the homes on their lofty perches above it all.

Heeeeyyyy good looking!
It's what we do...
That evening, we decided a date night was in order and we headed out to Riff's Urban Fare.  Before we could get close, though, I spotted an oil and balsamic vinegar shop, Oliverde.  I went overboard tasting oil after oil.  It was SO GOOD.  I think olive oil tasting is one of my favourite things to do.  We settled on a bottle...something we could savour together at a later time.

Right...on to Riff's!  
Here is what I have to say...
Beets.  Gnocchi.  Shared plates.  Yum.

It was such good food and even better service.

We ate light because we wanted to enjoy some dessert at Crepes a la Carts.  I had one with dark chocolate and raspberries and Dave's was chock-a-block full of fresh strawberries and bananas.  

We cozied up in a corner, watching folks as the mingled and lingered over their sweets and wished our vacation wasn't going to end...

The end, however...was coming soon.  Next time:  Part Four - Denver, Quick and Dirty!

ps.  I kind of stopped taking pictures toward the end of the trip...I just wanted to enjoy my time...

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