19 December 2012

Airport Layover Post

I've talked about it before, but I am on the road...a LOT.  In fact, I just achieved yet another status jump on an airline due to the amount of flying I've done this year.  Let's just say it involves over ninety flights with one...single...airline alone this year.  As such, a lot of my time is spent shuttling from airport to airport, hotel to hotel with my life summed up in a suitcase and carry-on bag.  If you truly want to know what you can live without, I recommend going on a five-week travel spree that includes climates ranging from the deep south to the icy north. 

I am re-thinking my closet and what I really need as we speak.

Lucky for me, I love my work and it takes me to interesting places to do great stuff with great people.  This time of year, especially, I am reminded of how very fortunate I am to have the position I do and the opportunities I have to interact with the individuals and organizations that truly make positive differences in people's lives.  My every day consists of seeing a diverse array of individuals benefiting from the services my organization provides and it fills my heart with love and pride that I am so fortunate to be a part of it.

Humanity reveals itself in a variety of ways...last week, we were reminded by the events in Newtown, that all of us have a stake in ensuring the best quality of life - including mental, physical and spiritual health and safety - for everyone.  I am deeply saddened and troubled by the events of Newtown and it makes me wonder, especially as I see and work with people from every walk of life on a daily basis, what more can be done to ensure that we are providing one another with the best life possible.  How can we support one another, make each other feel valued and loved, help each other to realize our full potential and, most of all, encourage one another to be our very best selves each and every day?

My belief system involves my belief in the best of humanity.  I believe that we are all connected and I choose to seek the best in each person, meet them where they are, listen to their story and do what I can to make each individual feel welcome, comfortable and supported.  Whether it is a smile at someone over a coffee counter or having a deep discussion with my family about religion and politics, my goal is to hear each person and truly listen.  I may not always agree with everything a person says, but I strive to understand their experience and better acquaint myself with what informs their perspective.

I hope we can all strive to meet each other with compassion, love and with our very best selves on display.  As I sit here on my layover and I look at loved ones greeting each other at the airport, business men and women shaking hands and the lone travelers looking for their luggage, I feel the connection of our humanity.

Until my next flight...

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