08 December 2012

Sick (not Sleepless) in Seattle

What a week!
From sunny and warm San Diego to chilly and rainy Seattle...

I was doing really well...
Even managed to punch out a 12-miler on the treadmill on Tuesday.

By 2 AM on Thursday morning, the story was quite different.
In short...

I love Seattle.
I do not love being sick.
In fact, I am an awful patient.
For this trip to Seattle, my body said a big "WHOA" and "Slow Down!" and "get-thee-to-an-urgent-care-ASAP."

So I did.

I spent two days holed up in my hotel room, sipping tea and nibbling on Saltines, hoping beyond hope that I would feel better for my 6:30 AM flight on Saturday morning.

And here I sit, ready to depart on my next flight, still sipping tea, but happy to have rejoined those who are out and about.

NOT the best way to end a business trip. 
C'est la vie.

More to come...I'm off to a very exciting destination!

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