29 January 2013

Keeping Up With Myself

I've debated writing this post.  Not because it is anything major, but more because I am feeling like a slacker and this post feels like I'm trying to justify myself...which I'm not...ahem.

This blog is suffering.
I'm on the road a lot for work.
I've been sick since the beginning of the year.
And, well...I'm just finding my life to be lacking in the "stuff-to-post" department.

I've debated letting this blog go in the past.  But, something always keeps bringing me back.

When I read the posts I first wrote, I recognize how thoughtful and intentional I was about keeping a record of my transitions through life.  These days, it feels more like a place to share the everyday goings-on-about-Heather's-life.  Is that interesting?  I don't know.  But I do know I like looking back every now and then.

So, for now, I'll keep updating when I have the time and working on not feeling so guilty when I don't.

Hope you will hang in there with me.

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