10 January 2013

More from Quebec City

Quebec City, as I've mentioned before, is a winter wonderland.  It truly is a magical place during the winter months and I feel very fortunate to have spent my holiday there.

We ate, drank wine and laughed our way over the snow.  We shopped at the local market, cooked our own food at the apartment we rented and cozied up to the "fireplace channel" on the television.  I loved the twinkling lights, the people and the aura of the city.  One day we walked six miles and the next we maybe walked six blocks.  The city was ours and we did what we felt was right on any given day.

On Christmas Eve we ate tapas and attended a Christmas Eve mass at the cathedral in the square and New Year's consisted of a small meal at the apartment, a quick duck into a local pub and then watching the fog and cloud filled sky light up with, but not reveal, city fireworks going on in the distance.  We walked slow along icy paths and watched the ice on the river race by us as it skidded along the surface of the water.  

Alas, the holidays are over and I always feel a little at a loss this time of year.  Houses look bare, Dean Martin isn't crooning on my radio about silver bells and it's another long year to the next shot of holiday adrenaline.

But, I'm not sitting back and just waiting.  Nope, this year I am diving in head first into the next year...getting things ready and putting both feet to pavement.  This week...I'm running in the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge in Florida.  

Not sure why it's Goofy?  

On Saturday, I will run a half marathon.
On Sunday, I will run a full marathon.

Goofy, indeed.  

As always, I run to raise money for Congo women.  If you are interested in supporting me and helping Women for Women International deliver their services, please click on the link on the right-hand side of the page!  I appreciate your support!

In the meantime, here's to another year until the holidays and wish me luck this weekend!

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