26 May 2013

Small Updates

It's been almost a full month since I last posted.  

I've been all over the map, working and taking some much-needed away time with Dave - including a trip to Kelowna and the Rockies for our third(!) anniversary.

I even snuck in a girls' weekend in the mountains to do some trail running and hiking.
It's been a fantastic whirlwind.

In other news, Dave and I have been working on growing our own veggies in the Yara Community Garden here in Moose Jaw.  We planted exactly a week ago and are hoping to see some sprouts in the soil soon!   My herb pot at home has baby sprouts coming up all over.  It's the first time we are doing all of this, so we are treating it as one big experiment.

We've also been testing out our skills with the latest member of our family, our Canon EOS 6D.
The pics below are from the trip to Canmore and the Canadian Rockies we took back in April.  

The Three Sisters just outside of Canmore.  They greet us every time we come into town.

A really cool bridge leading to one of our favourite hiking trails.  We hope to backcountry camp out there at some point!  

Hiking down to the river near the bridge.  Just after we left the shore, the water level rose a ridiculous amount...the place we sat to have our picnic was completely covered!

Baby pinecones.

I'd never been to Lake Louise.  We got there and were able to WALK across the length of the lake to meet up with the hiking trail.  It was one of the most surreal experiences I've ever had.  Stepping out onto the ice...things just didn't feel right.  Once I settled in, walking on water ended up being one of the highlights of our trip!

Staring up at some ice falls.  There were two climbers making their way up the falls.  I am standing next to this huge ice ball that had clearly dislodged itself from the falls not to long ago.  Further up the trail we ran into an avalanche slide that took place only a couple of days before we got there.
Our hikes along Grassi Lakes never fail us.  Amazing views with stunning colour.

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