29 October 2013

A Big Reveal

I know I haven't been posting much...and there is a good reason.  

I was afraid I would burst.  I was afraid I would let out what has been brewing over the past year before it was ready to be known to others.  I was afraid that if I put the words here, then it would be real.  Really real.  Not fake real.  

I also needed to wait...out of respect for others, so I could cross some t's and dot some i's.  For some, it may not seem like a big thing, but in my world, that is pretty important.

And so...

I am leaving my job.  As of December 20 of this year, I will no longer be employed by the amazing nonprofit I have worked for during the past six years.  I am stepping away to spend more time on me and my family of two.  I am stepping away because I am tired of feeling imbalanced and guilty all the time.  I am stepping away so I can fully realize my life in Canada.

Over the past four years, having a foot in both the United States and Canada has been an adventure.  I have traveled to amazing places, and more importantly, have met people who have impacted my life in some incredible ways.  That being said, it has also been exhausting.  The constant travel, the time away from Dave and the lack of emphasis on my own happiness and health has been taxing on my system.  I am grateful for the opportunity, but I am also incredibly grateful to be in a place where I can take a step back...to breathe.

And, don't worry...I've got plans.  Big ones.  I will be traveling to Bali to obtain my yoga teacher training certification and I also would like to pursue my holistic nutrition counseling certificate as well.  Lucky for me, I have a partner who is whole-heartedly supportive and is eager to see me take on this next phase of my life (after I take a break and do nothing for a few months).

I am excited to spend time in one place and not be living out of a suitcase.  It will be wonderful to spend time at home and not be packing my bags after only one or two days.  I also know it will be a challenge.  I've held a job since I was thirteen - whether over the summers or during college - and not contributing to the household income will be a new adventure for me to experience.  That being said, I need this.

I need to focus on me and be true to myself and my emotions.  I need to recognize and fully appreciate that while the travel has been amazing, it has also been very difficult emotionally and physically.  

I am excited for this new part of my life to begin.  

And...to get back to blogging...

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