14 January 2014


A lot of people have been posting about detoxing from the holiday season.  I am in the process of detoxing from the last few years of my life!

Since I stopped working and returned home to focus on yoga, I've noticed that it is hard to let go of old patterns.  I still feel like I have limited time to do things and so I get things done quickly...as opposed to taking time and thinking them through.  That being said...it is all a process and I know it will take time to adjust to my new lifestyle!

Dave and I are in the process of detoxing ourselves as well...there is no time like January to do so.  Ah, the month of resolutions where the year is full of promise and opportunity!

Here are a few ways we are working on detoxing our lives...

Dave and I have been going through boxes and old papers, sifting through memories and deciding which old stuffed animal to keep and which one to give away.  We've made piles of things to sell and piles of things to donate.  We will be moving this year and this is one way in which we are preparing to get to our next destination.

We are experimenting with our diet as well.  No, we are not ON a diet, rather we are seeing what it's like to eliminate gluten, refined sugar, alcohol, beans, tofu, etc. to see how we feel.  We are in our second week and so far, so good!  I'm not missing anything and it's got us to be more creative in the kitchen.  In the past week and half we've made two batches of homemade almond milk and these awesome muffins inspired by Green Kitchen Stories (recipe here).

I will be heading to Bali in April for my teacher training course and I've been spending a lot of time on the mat at The Yoga Loft in Moose Jaw to prepare myself.  I also treated myself to a much-needed deep tissue massage as I was struggling with some persistent pain ever since running the 50-miler last year.

Together Time.  
As you all know, I was on the road A LOT the past two years.  Dave and I are really enjoying reconnecting and being married!  Going grocery shopping together, sitting down at the table for dinner and holding hands whenever we can.  We're enjoying the detox from being apart for so long!

I hope your new year is off to a great start!  If you are in the process of your own detox, how are you making that happen?

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