10 March 2014

Weekend in Winnipeg

Winnipeg sometimes gets a bad rap around Canada.
It is not-so-fondly referred to as "Winterpeg" due to the extreme cold temperatures and oodles of snow Mother Nature gifts to the city streets each year.
During the warmer months, there are swarms of black flies that eat you alive.
In addition, the city itself isn't all that pretty to look at.

That being said, we kind of love it there!

When Dave and I first started dating, Winnipeg was one place we met as I could fly there pretty cheap from Chicago and he could do the six-hour drive from Moose Jaw.  
We had a lovely weekend a little over four years ago.
We visited Saint Boniface and ate at Fude.  
Dave also did one of the most romantic things for me while we were there...he got us tickets to go see the new Star Trek movie at the IMAX theatre in town.

He's mine, people!

We decided to head out to Winnipeg over the weekend for a little break from the Moose Jaw winter and also to see some friends that live out there.

It was great.

We noshed on amazing vegan burgers at Boon Burger.
We had great Ethiopian food at Kokeb.
We wandered around the market and winter festival sites at The Forks and drove around the French Quarter.
We had more deliciousness in burger form at Market Burger.
We had brunch and lattes at Stella's and fabulous tea at Thom Bargen.

Um, as you can see...there was a lot of foodie-ness involved.

That equals an awesome weekend away.

I hope you had a lovely weekend as well!

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