23 June 2014

Today's Letter (inspired by...)

Every day, I send Dave a little love via email in the form of a photo or quote or story.  It's my way of letting him know that I am thinking about him as he starts his day.

While that is OUR thing, I'm pretty excited about the inspiration I find over at Today's Letters.  

I mean...seriously.  Have you ever seen anything so awesome?!?!  
And all because it's true.  
A few words can change a person's day.   
I know a few words have changed mine.

So, here is my go at a letter...

Dear Dave...thanks for thinking so much about our future together.  It means everything to me that you think through each step thoroughly and strive for success with every thought, word and deed.  

Dear Mother Nature...thanks for bringing out the heat and sun yesterday afternoon to provide sunshine for a little impromptu barbecue.  Your rays are the best.  

Dear Port-o-John...thanks for being by the baseball diamond at just the right time on my run yesterday.  Home run.  

Dear patience...thanks for all the lessons you are teaching me these days.  I know we aren't always the best of friends, but you are there when tough decisions are being made and for that, I am grateful.  

Dear Mr. S...we cleaned a lot yesterday and I know it isn't the most fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but look at all we got accomplished!  Clean house for the win!

How do send your love to those you love?

Go check out Today's Letters...just click on the link below!

Today's Letters

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