05 February 2015

And...January Came to an End

And, then there was January...

It's amazing how quickly time seems to be going these days.

January was a whirlwind of travel, illness, family, and warm(ish) temperatures here at home.  

Dave and I returned home from a wonderful trip to Vancouver Island over the holidays.  We visited Comox, Tofino and Courtenay.  We saw friends, ate amazing food, enjoyed the sunshine, walked along the beach and just tuned out so we could tune into each other...much needed after a busy year.  

We went snowshoeing and even got to know Salt Spring Island.  A gorgeous little island off the coast of Vancouver Island.  I'll be hosting a yoga and meditation retreat there this March and wanted to do a site visit to Stowel Lake Farm, the gorgeous and magical space the retreat will be held.

We returned home and right away I was on another flight down to the States to see family and to run my second Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge (39.3 miles over two days).  I was still feeling run down from my time in Bali, but I managed to crank it out with the support of Mom and Dad.  Thank goodness they were there to keep me fed, warm, and well-motivated!  We enjoyed time in Florida together, visiting the Magic Kingdom, riding new rides, and just hanging out!  

I also got quality time with Melissa as we enjoyed some tea at the awesome Queen Bee Coffee Company.  We talked and laughed and just savoured the moment, enjoying our down time in that quiet little corner of McDonough, Georgia.  Go visit the cafe if you are in that neck of the woods!

From Georgia I went up to Pennsylvania to spend quality time with my grandmother and godmother.  We toured the shops, had a lovely lunch, and my grandma and I even made soup together!  It was fun getting some alone time with each of them without the hustle and bustle of a holiday surrounding us.  My aunt and I just chilled out, watching Top Chef and eating takeout food!  Perfect ways to spend cold days in PA!

And now...Winnipeg.  I've been busy serving as the new Communications Coordinator for the School of Sacred Arts (the team that I earned my yoga teacher certification from back in April of 2014) and continuing to build my own business, Journeys on the Mat.  I'm getting excited for my retreat and can't wait to start teaching yoga and meditation here in Winnipeg beginning in April!

So...just a quick re-cap, but that's the news from the Moose Jaw Minute!

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