09 February 2015

Winnipeg These Days

I realize I haven't blogged much since everything came down to us moving to Winnipeg this summer. There never seems to be time - or inspiration - to get a blog going.  Or at least a blog post that I feel would be at all interesting for me to read in ten years (because let's be honest...that's who these words are really for...the "in-ten-years-from-now-Heather" who will want to reminisce on those long days forgotten).

So, I'm ready to make another concerted effort at blogging here.  If anything, to leave my mark on this little space of the web and on the story of my own life.

To be fair, Winnipeg has been a challenge, but in a good way (at least I like to think so!).

Part of that challenge is that I don't really feel like I arrived here until the end of January (I was on the road in November and then we were gone for a good part of December and then was gone for almost two weeks in January).  That made it difficult to settle in and get to know the city a little better.

Another piece at play is our finances.  Dave and I successfully managed to erase our consumer debt when we first got married in just under 18 months.  To say that is something we are immensely proud of is an understatement.  However, we also have big plans moving forward and, as such, we don't give ourselves a lot of "fun money."  When you live in a city, "fun money" is part of the equation when it comes to seeing all there is to offer - museums, art galleries, restaurants, concerts, etc.  Instead, we choose to save our money for what we know is to come in the future and therefore feel a touch of the cabin fever, especially during this dark and cold time of year (there are only so many walks one can take when the windchill is -40 out, okay?).  

It has meant however, that we've explored some lovely spaces like Assiniboine Park and Bird Hill.  When we do get outside, we like it to be a bit unique and not just continue tromping the same path through the same neighbourhood night after night.

It's been difficult to get connected here...in part of what I mentioned above, but also because the work I am doing currently is all online.  I recently started as the Communications Director for the School of Sacred Arts and am focusing on my business, Journeys on the Mat.  However, because all of that is online, the face-to-face interaction has been a bit...well, lacking.  As a result, my rare day working from the coffee shop results in an almost lengthy conversation with the baristas as they have been my only source of conversation during the day.  Thanks to the baristas at Little Sister Coffee Maker and Thom Bargen over the past week.  They probably don't remember me, but I remember them because they made me feel as though I was a part of something bigger than myself.  

Ah, that pesky need for community and connection!  :-)

On the flip side of that, we have amazing friends here - both old and new - that have made the transition here much easier.  It's meant homes to visit, meals to be shared and conversations to be had.  We are incredibly fortunate to have the friends we do have here and it's made our days brighter because of it. 

The weather.  Ah, how could I post about Winnipeg and not post about the weather.  After a slight warm up in January, we are back to good, old-fashioned winter.  It's been snowy and cold and my morning yoga routines find me with woolly socks, a touque, and three layers on top.  Luckily, the sun is coming up earlier and setting later, so the lengthened daylight is bringing up our spirits.  The cold here has affected my Raynauds to a point where my "dead" fingers and toes are a regular occurrence...even in our little abode.

Speaking of abodes...our little home is one of the best parts of being here.  We knew we wanted something smaller than what we had in Moose Jaw...and we got it.  585 square feet of nesting goodness.  It made us pare down (a practice we continue) and determine what was essential...especially as we move closer to our goal of building and owning a tiny home on wheels.  Our space is minimalist, clean, calming, and forces us (in a good way!) to work more closely with one another.  Living here has made us even more anxious for the transition to be in a tiny home!

All things considered, there is so much good stuff on the horizon...

Dave and I are adventuring in Portugal soon!

I'll begin teaching yoga and meditation in Winnipeg at the Dragon Arts Collective space in April.

The first Journeys on the Mat yoga and meditation retreat is taking place at the end of March on Salt Spring Island!

Dave will be getting back to Moose Jaw - to fly and see our awesome friends.

We have big plans for cheap camping excursions this summer!

Until next time...stay warm!

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