07 November 2010

Moose Jaw Minute #13: New and Old Traditions in the Jaw

The week before this one, winter roared in, covering the ground with drifting white snow and cold temperatures.  Ah, fickle fall!  The past seven days have brought nothing but melting snow, confused Canadian geese that can't tell which way to migrate, and record highs in the Prairies.  Not that anyone is complaining (well, maybe the geese are).  We are more than happy to have a slight delay in Father Winter's appearance on the main stage for an encore of fall.

This was also the week to dust off some old traditions and see how they fare here in Moose Jaw.  My family has a tradition of a "winter picnic" each year (that usually took place in November before it got too cold).  We would pack up some good food to eat and drive somewhere that offered us a last glimpse of changing leaves before the days became shorter.  When we lived in New Jersey, those drives would often take us to Peddler's Village in Bucks County, PA.  We loved it!  We would eat our lunch by a lazy river that was close to the village and then we would venture into the maze of fall goodness...scarecrows, holiday decorations...all while the smell of cider and fall leaves enveloped us as we walked from store to store, sampling their wares and spending quality time together.  It truly was one of the highlights of our fall and, for me, signaled the impending (and exciting!) change of seasons.

Dave and I had our own winter picnic of sorts when we ventured out to Wakamow Valley when the first snow started to thaw.  We ate a delicious lunch of pasta, snapped a few photos (below), and took a little jaunt around...soaking up the smell of fresh air after being cooped up for the better part of a week.  I love being able to carry on a good tradition.  Maybe some of you have a similar tradition you take part in this year?

Another tradition this time of year is Bonfire Night.  In England, Bonfire Night is held every November 5 in remembrance of Guy Fawkes and his merry band of treasonists who all attempted to blow up Parliament in 1605.  Every November 5 in England, great bonfires are built in villages and towns large and small.  Folks get together and they will sit around the fire and burn effigies of the Guy himself (and sometimes modern politicians) and then later launch fireworks.  Our friends, Becci and Si, are from England and they wanted to bring their tradition to Moose Jaw.  They arranged their own Bonfire Night and a whole bunch of us went down to Connor Park, got a fire roaring, ate some great food, and then burned a very well done Guy, complete with a balloon head that caught wind of an ember and popped long before we actually tossed him on the flames.  Becci and Si are fantastic and it was so much fun to share this tradition with them!

One tradition we don't partake in here in Saskatchewan is Daylight Savings Time.  While everyone else "falls back," we maintain the same clock year-round.  While I will miss the tradition of wondering and hoping I got the time right so I won't show up to work late, I am also content not to have to remember to change all the clocks in the house.

One last tradition I must speak to are birthdays.  One of my favorite people in the whole wide world had her birthday last week and I just want to (continue to) wish her an awesome year full of happiness, love, success, and nothing but the best life has to offer.  Happy Birthday, Peanut!

So, cheers...to traditions old, new, and some we just don't need anymore (don't forget to set your alarm clocks!).

Winter Picnic Site

 Chilly birds on ice...beats "Stars on Ice" any day!

 Dave and pasta...Yum!

 Thank goodness, my shipment of HUGE googly eyes finally made it to Moose Jaw!

 Shoes on a wire.

 Guy...before he lost his head.

 Bonfire Night Feast

Burn, Guy, Burn!

Crescent Park in downtown Moose Jaw.

 The Public Library is in the park and also houses an Art Gallery and Gift Shop.

Hellllloooooooooo, ladies...swim here often? 

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