08 April 2011

Moose Jaw Minute #35: Spring!

There is something happening around us.  Something magical.  Something like...  The snow is melting!  The sun is shining through our windows earlier and disappearing into the horizon later!  The mud is deep!  I can walk outside without ten layers on and with no fear of frostbite!  The prairie dogs are out squeaking and once again playing Frogger with the cars on the road!  These things can only mean one thing, people...


It has been a glorious week here with temps hitting 7C (48F) yesterday.  I've been able to get out for runs in the fresh air under our big sky (sorry, treadmill...you know I love ya!  See you next winter!).  We've thrown open our windows to allow a cool breeze to waft through our home and lighten the staleness of the past five months.  Normally, I am not that excited about spring...I am much more of a fall and winter gal, but when you realize that you haven't opened your windows for months and that snow has been on the ground for the better part of the time I've been in Canada...well, a little warm sunshine and a walk outside sans winter coat can make anyone fall in love with the current season.

This month has not only brought spring, but, for me, an opportunity to host our book club.  Joining a book club is something I never thought I would do in my lifetime, but I have to say...it's been a great way for me to meet awesome people here in town.  We gathered to discuss my book pick, The Lotus Eaters by Tatjana Soli, eat some yummy food, and chat about local Moose Jaw politics, travel, and family.  It was a great evening and I am grateful to my amazing friend Becci for inviting me in!  We've done some good reading and it has been nice for me to explore some fiction.  Anyone looking at my bookshelf knows in a half-second that non-fiction is my thing.  It's a good challenge for me to go outside my comfort zone of travel writing, politics, feminist, and leadership books and explore the lives of characters through an author's eyes.

So book club and spring...it's been a great start to the month.  We are itching for more trail runs, excited to get the canoe back on the roof and then into the water, pumped to find new camping sites, and eager to return to our almost-daily walks to main street and back again.  I'm excited for my first turn at this season in Canada...there is much to explore, and do, and see.  After the business of the last few months, I am grateful for the chance to step outside, take a long breath, and just pause...while reading a fiction book or two along the way.

ps.  Happy Birthday, Katie...you are one phenomenal woman and I am so lucky to know you!

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