17 April 2011

Moose Jaw Minute #37: The Rising Tide

I just wanted to share some additional photos of the flooding.  We did get some good news that the waters are now slowly starting to recede and it never actually crested to the height everyone feared.  Still, it has been a sight to see!

The running path is on the other side of the shore...under water, just like those trees!

The "Lipstick Bridge" on the way from Moose Jaw to the base.

Another view.  The water is usually pretty far below the bridge.

Trees in a bath.

This is as you enter Wakamow Valley -- the water is never this high!

High tide.

This view is of part of the running path.  It would be a soggy jog!

Note:  This is NOT a boat launch!

Have some BBQ with your water?


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