27 April 2011

Moose Jaw Minute #38: Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

My parents when they were first married!
We just returned from a short trip to Florida to see my parents renew their wedding vows on the occasion of their 35th wedding anniversary!  Congratulations, Mom and Dad!

We had a fantastic time in Orlando -- spending time with my sister and her family, catching up with my godmother and grandmother, and seeing my parents express their love over and over throughout our visit.  My dad proposed to my mom again while we toured the grounds of Epcot and then my mom surprised my dad by dropping on her knee and doing the same in the Magic Kingdom. Yup...they are ridiculously in love!

My parents are amazing at a lot of things...one of them being their ability to demonstrate to others how a good marriage is meant to work.  Things I've learned from them along the way...

  • First and foremost, respect one another.  Respect the commitment you've made to one another and never forget where your priorities are. 
  • Family, at least for us, is there to support, nurture, guide, and cheer you on.
  • Laughter is a must-have ingredient for any relationship.
  • Never stop exploring...there is too much to see and do.
  • Have fun along the journey...yes, sometimes things will get hard and tricky, but you should come out on the other side with a grin on your face.
  • Never hold back on saying "I love you."
  • Hold hands, embrace often, and demonstrate to the world that love is an awesome thing.
  • Be cheesy.  Really, really cheesy.  It makes things a bit more worthwhile!

It was so good to be there for the experience.  I count myself incredibly lucky to have the family I do...they are all incredible people.

I'll put up more pics from the trip in another post.  For now, Happy Anniversary to my parents!   Here's to 35+ years more!

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