02 August 2011

Moose Jaw Minute #52: My Top 5

I promised you a top five of Moose Jaw (I'm sure someone out there thought I had forgotten...I didn't!).  Here they are, in no particular order...

  1. Wakamow Valley.  It's a lovely little park and provides lots of love all year long for walks, long runs, hearing the birds sing, and watching the seasons go by.  Oh, and they have a really cool logo.  Crescent Park comes in a close second with the library and the little river (full of ducklings right now!) that meanders through it.
  2. Java Express.  Ah, my little coffee shop haven on Main Street.  They make a mean soy latte and I can sit there for hours accessing the free internet -- allowing me to work "not from home" on any day I choose.  The staff rock and they have concerts almost every week.  They also have really yummy goodies that you can indulge in including biscotti and Saskatoon berry pie.  Delish.
  3. The drive to and from Regina.  Now sometimes that drive can be treacherous (hear me, winter?!), but overall that drive has afforded thinking time, gorgeous sunsets, a peek at the Northern Lights and a solid hour to listen to some Vinyl Cafe.  Sometimes there is nothing like quality time in the car.
  4. Nutter's Bulk & Natural Foods.  You make my heart sing with your aisle upon aisle of healthy goodness.  I love to find gems in there and while we don't go all that often, it truly is my shopping heaven.  Not big, not overwhelming, and only filled with the best stuff for your body, soul, and mind.
  5. Body in Mind Yoga Studio.  Again, not a place I am able to visit that often, but when I do...just so lovely, and relaxing.  The teachers are great, the energy is refreshing and warm, especially on those cold, dark winter's nights.  Moose Jaw is very lucky to have a space like that!
So, come visit Moose Jaw and take a peek at my top five.  I think you might enjoy them too!

Those sunsets!

Wakamow Valley -- just gorgeous!

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