26 August 2011

Moose Jaw Minute #56: A Pancake, A Plane, and A Symphony Walk into a Weekend...

Legislature in Regina
Summer is holding on here in Moose Jaw.  She has her grip on us during the day sending temps near 30 C while at night, with the sun now setting before nine in the evening, they dip down into the single digits.  Yes, summer is desperately making a last stand before the leaves change and the winds start blowing from the north.  With this, Dave and I are desperate to get outside and enjoy the rest of what August has to offer and last weekend, we spent a good portion of our time out of the house...eating pancakes, admiring small prop planes, and listening to the sounds of the Regina Symphony Orchestra ring across Wascana Park in Regina.

Last Saturday, we drove out to the small municipal airport on the edge of town to indulge in some pancakes and air time.  The Moose Jaw Municipal Airport is home to the Moose Jaw Flying Club and they were hosting the pancake breakfast to raise funds for the site.  We grabbed our stacks in the open hangar and then ventured outside under a warm sun to soak in some rays, down our goodies, and watch the skydivers land nearby.  Later, a friend of Dave's from the base walked with us as we admired the RV-6, RV-8, Cessnas, Citabrias, and Piper Cherokees.  All gorgeous to look at...we can't wait for the day when we have one of our own!




Another plane!

The next night, we ventured out to Regina to enjoy the Regina Symphony Orchestra's Symphony Under the Sky.  We joined our friends Jesse and Ashley on the lawn where we spread out and listened to everything from Vaughn Williams to Tchaikovsky.  It was great and reminded me of the summer concert series that goes on in Millennium Park in Chicago.  There were a ton of families and one of the highlights for all the kids on the lawn was the arrival of the Saskatchewan Roughriders team mascot, Gainer the Gopher.  Yup, nothing like a six-foot, 250 pound gopher playing a triangle to tweak out some six-year-olds at a classical music concert.  Ah, those kids were in seventh heaven...

The Symphony stage

We are hoping to get in some camping soon before the warm days leave us behind completely.  I am, however, a sucker for fall...those small glimpses of yellow leaves on the trees are giving me giddy shivers on a daily basis.

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