20 August 2011

Moose Jaw Minute #55: Stop. Catch My Breath.

Hello!  I'm back.  With another long catch-up post.  As I noted in my last *brief* post, it's been a little nutso with travel, work, wedding preparations, and everything in between.

Thankfully, I am having a moment to come to a full stop and catch my breath...even if just for a couple of moments...I'll take it!

First stop...Pennsylvania.  Back in July, my parents and godmother arranged a lovely event to celebrate Dave and my marriage in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  Why Johnstown?  It is near the town of Windber where my mom grew up and there is a ton of family and friends that were able to attend from the area.  It was an awesome evening with dancing, great food, an amazing cake (check out the moose!), and much love all around.

When my sister and I were little, we would spend time in Pennsylvania during the summers...especially when moving from place to place.  During our summers, one of our favourite stops was Gardner's chocolates.  Needless to say, we treated ourselves to some when we went shopping for a dress for me to wear to the reception. YUM!

ps.  Isn't my sister just gorgeous?!
Chocolate and coffee...yes, please.
Johnstown...my grandfather worked in a steel mill in this town for years and years.  Gorgeous in the valley!
Just LOOK at this awesome cake my mom arranged to have at the reception!  Those moose on top are just phenomenal!

From there, it was a couple of days in the Jaw and then I was off to Dallas, Texas to give a presentation for work.  We lived in Texas three times during my youth and I never liked it much.  It was very hot, there were fire ants, and I don't remember school being much fun during those years.  Needless to say, the presentation went really well, but Texas did not.  I just don't think I am meant to get along with the Lone Star State.  Okay...the end.

After that, I had some time at home again and during my one week with my feet on the ground, my friends threw me a lovely hen-do in preparation for our wedding in September.  Yup, Dave and I are tying the knot again -- only this time with a gaggle of friends and family along for the ride.  My friends coordinated an amazing day with a picnic in Crescent Park followed by manicures and pedicures at the Sahara Spa.  Next, it was on to Becci's for cake and champagne and a "couple's quiz" that I dismally failed (sorry, Dave!).  Following that, we made our way to the newest restaurant in town, Kergano's, for some lovely food and then to Bobby's Place to close the night out with a pint.  It was so much fun and I've rather enjoyed my un-bachelorette shin-digs.  I am a very lucky gal to have such great friends in the Jaw to celebrate with!

Delicious Hen-do Cake from Becci!
Me and the gals!
Okay...at Bobby's Place they have a fried Mars Bar...seriously...

Next...off to Chicago for meetings and some face time in the office.  A quick overnight at home and then on a flight to New Jersey to spend some quality time with my family.  We had a great weekend together...wedding planning, early morning runs with my dad, and most importantly, celebrating my dad's birthday!  I've managed to be around for the last three of my dad's birthdays and we treated him to a great dinner at Rooney's Ocean Crab House on the coast with gorgeous views of the Atlantic.

Um...my parents are stunning together!
Happy Birthday, Dad!
Me and mom!
A thumbs up for Rooney's!

So, as you can see, it's been a bit busy.  Luckily, Dave and I will get some quality time together in one place before we head back to the States in late September for our wedding and -- yes! -- honeymoon!  We can't wait!

And, in the meantime...I'll just bug Dave while he's trying to study...

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