19 November 2011

Moose Jaw Minute #65: Moving Day!

Uh...I don't have this much to move this time!
And, so it is upon me again...yet another moving day, in another town, from one space to another.  My life has been a mish-mash of shuttling from one place to another.  I grew up an Army brat, moving from state to state and then overseas.  Next it was college, where I shuffled from dorm to home to dorm.  In the years after college, I managed to move a whopping thirteen times in nine years.  What?!  Wanderlust is my thing...it's what I do.

All that moving aside, when I made the move to Moose Jaw last year, I was pretty convinced that I was going to be stationary for a while.  I cozied into the home we share, settling in and making myself feel at "home."  I dug in, got comfy, and started forming attachments to space and routine -- something I've always tried NOT to do as settling down for permanence was always something to be avoided.

Lo and behold, Wanderlust decided to peek over the horizon again.  She showed her face and I just couldn't resist as she dangled a return to Chicago and a shiny new position in front of me.  It wasn't an easy decision, made even more difficult because it meant a return to a long-distance marriage and coming home to an empty space every night.  But, no matter, for today is another moving day.  A day where I get to set up shop in a new space and re-orient myself to the "City that Works."

In the midst of all this moving, I've realized a few things...
  • "Home" for me consists of the people I am surrounded by.  It doesn't matter where I lay my head because for me, space is, in the end, irrelevant. 
  • The less I have, the better I am.
  • My parents are awesome -- can we just say I have a full kitchen courtesy of the 'rents?!  Thanks, Mom and Dad!
  • Coming back to a city with a built-in support network has made this transition so much easier.
  • Having a "vacation home" in the city and our "real home" in Moose Jaw can be kinda fun!
I want to send a special shout-out to my amazing friends, Christin and Deb, for allowing me to hunker down in their space for the last little bit.  Their generosity and friendship have sustained me in making this transition back to the windy city.

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