25 November 2011

Moose Jaw Minute #66: 24 Thanks

Mural in Chicago
Happy American Thanksgiving everyone!  Yes, yes...I know I am a day late, but can you fault a girl who just returned home to Canada late on Wednesday for being a bit preoccupied with her husband that she hasn't seen in almost a month?  Ahem...I didn't think so.

My Thanksgiving in Canada was a quiet one...some errands to run, a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to be missed (darn you, online streaming websites!), a classic family apple pie to make, and a vegan Thanksgiving dinner to wrap up the evening.  There was Skype chatting with family and emails traded among friends.  It was yummy and delicious and homey and perfect.  Just the way a Thanksgiving should be...

And so, on this day-after-Thanksgiving, when a good portion of my fellow country people are knocking down the doors of various big box stores to prep themselves for the holiday season, I am going to sit back, tend to my work, and think about the 24 things I am thankful for this year (inspired by Megan over here)...

1.  For the little family we've created over the past *almost* three years
2.  Family and friends here, there, and everywhere in between
3.  My health...seriously...
4.  My job...I love what I do and who I get to work with
5.  Skype
6.  Boots from Peru
7.  Vacations...whether mini or epic
8.  The orange scarf, and the blue one, and the...okay, all my scarves
9.  Moose Jaw...for helping me find my inner calm
10.  Morning runs along the lakefront with a good friend
11.  Roof(s) over my head
12.  Spring rolls...YUM!
13.  On the subject of food...soy lattes and mate lattes
14.  Our second wedding and the chance to celebrate with loved ones
15.  Alexi Murdoch...such good music
16.  Friends who welcome you back and help you deck out your new place
17.  Airplanes
18.  The holidays and all their over-the-top-sparkly goodness
19.  The El and public transport in Chicago
20.  My mentors
21.  Kayaks
22.  Tofu
23.  New opportunities to grow and spread my wings
24.  Most of all...the love and support I feel every day

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night!

Apple pie prep...

Thanksgiving Feast!

The holidays are showing up in the city!

A friend and I saw this...a bathroom for rent...


SO GOOD!  Demera...so tasty!

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