29 April 2012

Chicago's French Market

Francophile. Yes.  That's me.

As a result, the fact that Chicago's French Market was hosting an open house to give vendors an opportunity to show off their food, drink and talent was right up my alley.

Yesterday, I wandered over to the Market to sample cheeses, bread, jam wine and beer from a variety of the vendors that call the Market their home.  

Chicago's French Market opened a couple of years ago at Ogilvie Station and features a plethora of goodies.  Stalls in the space feature fresh meats and cheese, freshly baked bread, tons of local fruit and veggies, chocolates, crepes, raw foods, soaps and everything in between.  It is a foodie and specialty haven and we are lucky to have it.

Back to yesterday...

The Market was expanded to spill out into the waiting area for the local Metra trains that take passengers to the suburbs and beyond.  Folks were on hand to give you the story behind their product, share their passion for their work and entice you with samples.  

I tasted everything from a gorgeous beer featuring flavors of nutmeg and other spices to an amazing soft cheese flecked with black truffles.  I gulped down half an avocado while sampling about five amazing wines from Croatia.  I tasted an unbelievable fig and black tea jam and chatted with a pinot maker from Willamette Valley, Oregon.  Needless to say, some of the truffle-flecked cheese and a bottle of pinot gris from Oregon made their way home with me for my Skype date night with Dave!

If you are in Chicago...check it out.  It's a pretty fantastic place.

A perfect one for a Francophile like me!

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