14 April 2012

Work-Life Balance

Hello again!


Right...I have a blog...

I also have a crazy work schedule and personal life that has had me moving around 
the country from place to place making it hard for me to remember I have a blog.

In the last four weeks...

Moose Jaw, SK
Canmore, AB
Calgary, AB
Louisville, KY
Bayville, NJ
New York, NY
Newburgh, NY
Atlanta, GA
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

It's been a whirlwind, but also a fantastic time!  Lucky for me, I love to travel and I absolutely LOVE my job so all is good in the end.

Things started out great with a trip to Moose Jaw to see the love of my life.
We reconnected at home and then spent a little time in one of our vacation spots of choice, Canmore.
It was snowing.  It was beautiful.
We did a ton of hiking and hand-holding and cuddling and eating and eating.

*I have great pics, but they are on my other camera and I am being too lazy to upload them right now*

From there it was off to Kentucky for work (no time for a Bourbon tasting!)
and then off to Bayville, NJ to visit my folks.

I hadn't seen them since the wedding in September.
Which is way too long.

We had a great weekend...hanging out and eating good food.

Nothing but YUM at La Pain Quotidien in New York
Mom and Dad in NYC...SUCH a good time!!!

We even went into NYC to see Newsies on Broadway at the Nederlander Theatre.


Side note:  my sister and I LOVE Newsies!  
We used to sing the songs when cleaning up the kitchen after dinner.  
It was a ritual.  A loud one.
We were STARS!!!

If you don't know what Newsies is...you need to know.  NOW.

I digress...

From Bayville it was back into NYC for work and then a quick train ride up the Hudson River to Newburgh for work.  I had a great time there and even stole a few moments
to cross the Hudson on foot.  They are converting old railroad tracks into walking paths.
It was gorgeous and windy and wonderful.

Crossing the Hudson River on foot!
Following that it was off to Atlanta to spend some time with my sister and her family.
We colored Easter eggs, ate candy, caught up, played with the kids in the backyard 
and enjoyed some quality family time together.

Sisters...all fuzzy-like...I don't know why...

*we may have sung some songs from Newsies...just sayin'*

Post-Newsies time, I was off to the Twin Cities for work.
It was an amazing trip with great work and good food.
We toured the Hmong Village (AMAZING) while we were there and 
ate at an amazing restaurant, Masu.

Masu had the most incredible "doll wall" I've ever seen.

Masu - Doll Wall
And now I am back in Chicago...my temporary home until I visit O'Hare again.

Hope you are having a great start to your spring!!!

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