29 June 2012

Bad blogger...

I've been in a blogger slump.

It's been a bit tough for me to keep up lately. 
As in, I've been experiencing a string of really long days that haven't left a lot of time for looking at the blog.

It is because of these long days that I am taking a quick jaunt to Canada.
To recharge.  Get re-grounded.  Reconnect with the husband.

Ya know...the important stuff.

I think when it gets really busy, I sometimes forget to take a breath.
To remember why I am doing what I am doing.
To take time to think about the fact that I am living an amazing life surrounded by amazing people.

Because that's the beauty of it all...to stop and smell the fresh mountain air.

And maybe go hiking, trail running and camping.

So I'm going to go make that happen.

ps.  Happy Canada Day (July 1), everyone...more on that later!

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