31 October 2012


Heading out for the last loop of the 50K
All...it's been an incredible week and then some.

Since running the marathon, I've been a bit all over the map.  However, after returning from Massachusetts and Nevada last week, I had a big weekend on the books.

On October 27, 2012, I was running the Chicago Lakefront 50K.

Here's the thing, I wanted to do this before my next birthday.
My birthday is on October 28.
This was no small thing.

I landed on the 26th at O'Hare from Vegas and met Dave after his flight landed from Moose Jaw.  Yup,  he was coming down to support me on the race and to help me move (more on that later).  We hugged and then made our way back to the apartment.  We ordered in my traditional pre-race meal, a veggie spring roll and a veggie sushi roll and then were off to bed for a very early start the next morning.

We woke and it was...COLD!  Temps weren't expected to climb out of the thirty's until well after the race was done.  We grabbed a taxi and headed down to the start.  

I have this thing where I don't like to show up late, however, in this case, we were REALLY early so we scouted out a place to get warm.  That's when we found Robust Coffee Lounge.

Robust is a gem on the south side of Chicago.  The staff were great, the space warm and the spicy soy hot chocolate just the ticket to take my mind off the race.

After sitting there for a bit, we wandered back over to the start.  The 50-milers had already been on the trail for a while and at 8:30 AM, our start was to happen.  It was such a difference from the marathon!  There were maybe 250 runners, everyone super-nice and jazzed to be out there on a chilly fall day.  The whole aura of the race was relaxed and supportive - everyone hoping the person next to them would have a good day out there.  I loved it.

The run was three just-over-ten mile loops along the lakefront.  Heading north was tricky due to really cold and gusty winds, but the awesome part was that then those gusts were at your back coming back south to the next turnaround!  I had a blast out there!  I just focused on the other runners, handing out high-fives and telling everyone to keep going!  

Dave...FINISHER...of helping put up the sign...
Dave got some company along the way when our friend Deb showed up to help cheer me on.  I didn't have anyone on the sidelines for the marathon, but having Dave and Deb (the Double-Ds!) on the course was such a motivational boost!  

I finished the 50K in 5 hours and 27 minutes!  

Dave snapped this just after I finished.  Official time - 5:27:43!

Better than any medal!
I got across the line, looked at Dave and Deb, started to tear up and said "I can't believe I just did that!"

*Don't tell anyone, but I think I'm hooked!*

Since then, I've had a great time with Dave here...it's just so much more fun when my better half is around.  He is helping me prep to move to a new space in Chicago this week.  We are going to make dinners, talk and just enjoy each other's company.  We are also doing lots of planning for our Christmas vacation...I'll tell you more about that later!

On a final note, I've been running my races in support of Women for Women International this year and I want to thank everyone who took the time to donate to the cause.  It means so much to me and I couldn't have done this without your support!

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