22 October 2012

A Lovely English Breakfast

I love a good breakfast...not too sweet, not too savoury...just right.

It's a lovely little British pub in Chicago that serves up a mean pot of Earl Grey on a cool fall Sunday morning.
The decor is fantastic (you MUST see the bathrooms!), the crew that man the kitchen and bars are friendly and welcoming and the atmosphere is complete with a fireplace and classic teacups.  By day, it's a good place to grab a bite and relax while watching a game, by night, it boasts a boisterous and welcoming pub scene.

If you are in Chicago.  Go.  Just go.

My friend Mark and I headed there last Sunday to soak in the goodness and catch up with one another after not having seen each other for months.
Mark is a great friend...he genuinely cares about everyone in his life and always has great advice to dish out.  In short, I'm lucky to have a friend like Mark.
He's got a great way of pulling out blinding one-liners that put everything in perspective.  
I often find myself just nodding in response with a smile knowing that he just cleared up a lot of questions.
Mark is a cheerleader for the loved ones in his life.  I hope I'm good enough at returning the favour!

I hope everyone has a Mark in their lives.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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