15 October 2012

Artist's Saturday - Older Post!

NOTE:  This post should have originally gone up on September 15.  
Silly Blogger.

Sarah is a great friend.  Strike that...she is an awesome friend.
We both agree that new things are always worth trying and that when you try those new things, it's best to do it with a friend by your side.

Sarah obtained a Groupon to check this event out and we just finished painting our way into a lovely Saturday afternoon.  The gist is this...a local artist will come, share a sample of their work with you, show you a little technique inspired by the piece and then you get to strut your own stuff on the canvas.

Today's event was hosted at a little bar and restaurant called Revolver.  A perfect site for a bunch of unskilled and skilled artists to strut their stuff and throw some paint on white paper.  While Sarah and I didn't partake in any spirits, we had a great time sipping water, catching up with one another and encouraging each other with each brushstroke.

It was a great way to spend a Saturday.

Everyone should find a friend like Sarah...she's pretty amazing.

Happy Saturday!

Artist's Inspiration
My painting's start...
Sarah painting

Sarah's finished product...awesome!!!

My finished product

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ps.  Wish me luck...I've got a 20-miler to tackle along the Chicago Lakefront tomorrow!

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