05 February 2013

Steeped in Snowglobe


I love it when it snows in the city.  Today, we were gifted with those huge, fat, big flakes falling from the sky.  They swirled around the skyscrapers downtown with a fury before settling onto cars, sidewalks, green spaces and noses.  

From my office, I looked out into the swirling winter goodness and felt...content.

There is nothing like a shake of a snowglobe to bring out that big-kid-I-want-to-go-outside-in-THAT-and-make-a-snowman-and-then-let's-go-have-hot-chocolate kind of grin on your face.

I'm choosing not to listen to the people that talk about how cold or how much shoveling or when is summer going to come????

Nope.  I'm reveling in the grey, still-dark days and the softness that these fortunate snowfalls bring to an otherwise hectic and very loud city.

I am steeped in snowglobe, people.

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