12 April 2013

Lessons in Travel


As you know, I travel a lot for work.

Just as soon as I managed to set foot on Canadian soil, I immediately departed back to the States for work.  From New York to Pennsylvania to New Jersey, this week has been travel extravaganza with lots of interesting people to meet, greet and talk to.

I am a fan of travel and feel like you can learn a lot just going through the process...
especially when you fly through bad weather.

On Wednesday night, I was to catch a flight from LGA to PHL (New York City to Philadelphia).  I had my ticket in hand, I arrived early, I knew which gate to go to, I was all set.

Then, the delays kicked in as the weather kicked up.  Clouds rolled in and we knew there was weather between the two spaces that we would have to avoid by:

a) Delaying until it passed
b) Flying around it making the trip a lot longer
c) Flying through it and taking a chance that lightning might rip through an engine
d) A combination pack of all the above

Our team chose D.  

We boarded after an hour delay.
We sat on the tarmac for close to three and a half hours (they did end up giving up cookies).
We departed.
We flew through lightning.
We ended up deviating from the flight path to discontinue flying through lightning.
We landed.

Here's the thing...flying, like in life, means that you have to have a lot of trust.  Trust in the process, trust in the pilot, trust in the equipment and trust that the passenger next to you won't freak out or start reaching for the bag in the pocket in front of them.

Just like life.

You trust the process.
You trust the people you surround yourself with.
You rely on the equipment you have with you.
Sometimes it's a bumpy ride, but you always hope to have a safe landing.

Happy Friday, friends.

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