23 April 2013

Settling In and Cleaning Up

You ever get the feeling you just have too much STUFF?

That's where I've been over the past few days.
Looking around, I just realize how many things I have.
Doo-dads and thingamahjiggers and whatzits that take up space and clutter my mind.

Since arriving back in Moose Jaw (when I've been here...there's been a LOT of travel for work!), I've been on a mission to de-clutter and lighten our lives.  So far, we took a HUGE batch of recycling out, took a load over for donation to the Salvation Army and having been cleaning out and getting down to the minimums.

It's been a welcome change and I like that we are minimizing. 
While spring hasn't quite yet made her appearance here in the Jaw, spring cleaning is in full swing at our home. 

We've also been planning a big getaway trip for this summer.  I have to be in Europe for work in August, so Dave and I are going to meet up over there and take some time with the cell phones and computers off.  We are really looking forward to it!

I'll be sharing some photos from our recent jaunt to Canmore, Alberta soon...so stay tuned!

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