02 September 2014

Au revoir, Moose Jaw! Bonjour, Winnipeg!

On the road again...

So, remember all those plans I had to take on Moose Jaw like a tourist before Dave and I headed out across the Prairies to our new home in Winnipeg.

Yeah...that didn't happen.  Taking pictures of murals didn't happen.  The Western Development Museum didn't happen.  A dinner at The Little Red Market Cafe didn't happen.  


What DID happen was awesome.  Time spent with friends that are family to us in Moose Jaw.  And, lots of it.  A swim and soak in the mineral waters at Temple Gardens, long walks under the big sky and a continuation of our minimizing in preparation for our move to our tiny little abode.

It was wonderful and sad and lovely and just perfect.  We really couldn't have asked for anything more.  

That is kind of the wonderful thing about "see you laters" as opposed to straight-up "goodbyes."  There doesn't have to be the last-minute cramming for your departure.  You KNOW you will return and there is something ultimately comforting in that.

Things I am going to miss most about living in Moose Jaw:

Having our wonderful friends nearby.
That sky.  Seriously...they don't call it "The Land of the Living Skies" for no reason.
The yoga community.
Walks and runs through Wakamow Valley.
The first snowfall (usually in October).
Main Street during the holidays.
Coffee at 23 Main Street.
Walks through Crescent Park.
Hikes at Buffalo Pound.
Being only 7 hours from the Canadian Rockies by car.
The big tree that I could see from our upstairs office window in the house.
Our garage - for those cold winter mornings.

Things I am looking forward to while living in Winnipeg:

Exploring Manitoba!
A new yoga community to discover.
Long runs along the Assiniboine River.
Walking everywhere and not always needing a car to get to something exciting.
Exploring a new city.
There is a MEC within walking distance of our place!
Having amazing friends nearby.
Having a parking spot in the city with electricity so our battery doesn't die in the cold winter.
City Farmer's Markets.
Living in a 585 sq. ft. space with my love and seeing if tiny home living is for us.

We are jumping in...both feet...ready to go!

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