05 September 2014

Dear Winnipeg...

Dear Winnipeg:

So, it's no surprise to you that you weren't really our first choice for our next moving destination (I'm sure you've overheard us).  If anything, we wanted to drive our U-Haul in the opposite direction...toward the ocean and mountains and general awesomeness of the West.

That being said, I fully expect to enjoy you, Winnipeg.  I'm going to take advantage and celebrate all that you have to offer.  Every street festival, every outdoor adventure, every snowflake and raindrop and ray of sunshine.

Because...here's the thing.  We make the place.  I learned that growing up - moving from one place to the next.  A lot of people might laugh (or shudder) at the thought of you Winnipeg, but I'm walking into you with open arms and a big goofy grin on my face because you are where I am and I am where you are.  

So, instead of locking my door and closing the curtains on my window, I am going to embrace you like a long-lost family member and make the absolute best of things here.  I am going to love on our little living space and take long walks along the Assiniboine River.  I am going to meet new people and explore the different neighbourhoods.  I am going to approach you like I want to approach every new adventure..with excitement and energy and an adventurous spirit.

Because...you deserve it, Winnipeg.  

Hi, Winnipeg.  I'm Heather...I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

With adventure in my heart...

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