12 September 2014

First Weekend in Winnipeg

Last weekend was our first "official" weekend in Winnipeg (I don't count the weekend before of unpacking and moving).  We had a great time!

On Saturday, we went with friends of ours to a festival downtown near Legislature called ManyFest.  It was chock-a-block full of people, food trucks and performances.  They had tons of great things for kids to do and they even featured a couple of runs over the course of the weekend.

It was a gorgeous night for it...the sky was blue and everyone was soaking in the final weekend of summer!

On Sunday, I traveled to Fort Whyte Alive for Prairie Yogi Magazine's Prairie Love Festival.  I was volunteering my time and met some amazing yogis while I was there!  I also had the chance to catch up with a few yogis from Moose Jaw who made the trip to Winnipeg for the Festival.  There were DJs, yoga venues, a speakers venue and lots of gorgeous scenery as well.

Fort Whyte Alive is an outdoor paradise just on the edge of Winnipeg.  They hold classes to teach you about canning and preserving, talks to educate folks on nature-related topics, harvest meals to celebrate the Farm they have on site, canoeing in the summer and much more!  I can't wait for Dave and I to explore this little gem further!


Felechia said...

Cool. Looks like you two will be right at home in your new digs :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Manitoba, Heather and Dave! I'm looking forward to our coming adventures!

Signed, Winnipeg.